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Kururu's stamp was originally from a colored manga image by kazekodomo, who allowed us to use it.
The background on Kilik's stamp was made by icon_rewind.

1. You must be a member to post.

2. No flaming anybody. Be nice cause I won't!

3. Be honest with yourself. What's the real point of joining if you're going to lie? Join for the fun of it!

4. You must fill out the application. Treat every question as if it had a "Why?" attached to it. This way we can grasp your personality, better.

5. All applications MUST be behind LJ-cut.

6. Once you get 5 or more votes for the same or close to the same character, you will be stamped.

7. Even If you haven't been stamped you can vote.

8. You must vote for atleast 3 (or whatever is readily available)others before you submit your own application. This way people get stamped faster.

9. You can vote someone as up to two different characters.

10. Please BOLD your votes. I won't care if you don't but it helps me find the vote faster.

11. Give a explanation to why you voted them as such no matter how short it is.

12. So I know you have read the rules. Please have "Sky King" as your subject.

13. If you don't like your result you can always re-do your application after a week, but you are only allowed to do this once. Please have "Application 2" as your subject line instead of the one above.


You can be stamped as any of the following characters, or others not listed.

Minami Itsuki (Ikki)
Mikura Kazuma
Mihotoke Issa (Buccha)
Wanijima Akito
Nakayama Yayoi
Adachi Emily

Noyamano Ringo
Noyamano Mikan
Noyamano Shiraume (Ume)
Noyamano Rika

Sano Yasuyoshi

Takeuchi Sora

Sumeragi Kururu

Wanijima Kaito
Udou Akira

Tomita Mari (Ton-chan)
Orihara Masaya

Croissant Mask

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